Sheet Metal

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Sheet metal is obviously what Plate, Scale, Lamellar, and some Maille augmentations are made from.

Steel Sheet-

Best obtained locally. Due to high chinese demand for it the prices have risen recently. Depending on your financial situation you can either buy new or dig through scrap. Please note scrap is of unknown quality, it's carbon content can be tested by using the Spark Test. For amtgard purposes 18 gauge mild steel is now the norm, Stainless is eaiser to care for but harder to cut and work.

A good way to find local metal dealers or just about anything is the dex website.

Wrought iron-

This is the stuff armour was made from for thousands of years. It forges easily and has better corrosion resistance than modern steels. The only problem is it is no longer made. The best bet to find some is either old scrap from before 1900 or to make it yourself with a bloomery.

Laten sheet-

Laten means copper alloy, so basicly brass and bronze. What we know as Brass became common in the early 1st century AD but little distinction was made back then between laten metals. Bronze was the first metal alloyed with copper and was the first metal used in armour. Today most bronze sheet is silicon or phosper bronze rather than a period alloy using tin, but the untrained eye will not be able to tell the difference. If you're out looking for steel sheet locally keep an eye out for Laten too.

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