Resale Shops

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garb and supplies for cheap You can find broom skirts in abundance. The old ruffle off the shoulder shirts in many colors and styles can be found as well. Old 1970 prom dresses that look mid-evil. Beads and necklaces for trim. Unique leather belts that can be belts, baldrics or really fun crowns. Leather jackets or vest can be cut up and made in to halters, corsets, armor. In the pajama section you can find Indian, pakistani Tunics with the matching Pants. These make great fighting garb and sometimes even beautiful court garb with all the beading work. In the home decor sections you might find sarongs. Sarongs are great for Amtgard. They make bags, clothes and even ambiance as space dividers. I have found a country western square dancing outfit in rec black and white, it made a great pirate wench outfit. For those who don't have the abilty to sew, a resale shop can be a great starting point for a person wanting cool clothes. I find Purple Heart/ value village is the bestplace for the money.