Leather dye

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for dyeing leather, I got a great tip from the leather guy in Knoxville, tn on an Amtgard visit. they have small disposable paint sprayers at the hardware store that just happen to fit on the the top of Tandy leather dye bottles. they are very easy to use, and give you that even airbrushed look without buying expensive airbrush gear. if you spray in a nice even motion then the color should be pretty even, if you spray on too much at a time it puddles and then you get splotches. I HIGHLY advise wearing a breathing mask when you use one since if you don't you will not be able to breath for a week or two afterwards.

here's a link to a couple pictures of these on the web:

the only brand I've seen is the "prevail" brand, and it comes with or without a glass jar that attaches. if you've got dye that doesn't fit the top, then get one with a glass jar and you can use that. i found mine at home depot and they were very cheap. i have noticed that the ones with the jar and without the jar are usually priced pretty much the same.