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Beading is a common but beautiful form of jewelry, it can be used in various other arts to improve and dazzle.

  • Most arts and craft stores like Joann and Michaels have an extensive bead/jewelry section.

DSCN6937.jpg Turquoisebracelet5.jpg WoodlandDragonfly2.jpg

Some common uses of beading in Amtgard are adorning chains, wire-work circlets/crowns, and bragging favors(each bead color and shape represents an award a person has received, put together it does form a rather nice favor, as well as a good conversation piece at events.

Wire bead elfear.jpg Darkelf ears.jpg Elfears blue.jpg--- Wire beading elf ear, by Jacob "Iggy" Sanchez.

Braging bead code:

  • Dragon - Green
  • Flame - Orange
  • Garber - White
  • Hydra - Light Green
  • Jovious - Light Blue
  • Lion - Brown
  • Mask/Facade - Purple
  • Owl - Yellow
  • Rose - Red
  • Smith - Clear Blue
  • Zodiac - Clear Yellow
  • Reeve - Gold
  • Walker of the Middle - Ornate Gold

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