Mailing tape

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One of the darker sides to sword construction in Neverwinter, USPS Priority Mail mailing tape is some of the lightest tape out there and therefore a quality piece of material for sword construction.

The USPS website used to allow users to purchase it completely for free in mass quantities but doesn't any more -- perhaps they've caught on to Amtgard. But local post offices will usally give you a roll if you ask them for priority tape and stickers to pack a package for that purpose.

  • I just stopped by the local Post Office on my way home from work, and they told me they no longer make Priority Mail tape. There is, though, another packing tape that was given to me by a friend here, and it's as light as mailing tape. Once I get more Info on it, I'll post it here. - this is a picture of the stickers and NOT what you should be purchasing, it is listed here only for illustrative purposes. The tape you're looking for should look exactly like this except the white areas will be translucent.

Scotch Tape Company has released a clear tape that claims to be the equivilent of the Priority Tape (even claiming it's same adherance in hot and cold weather). I purchased some and found it to be indeed: light, strong, and even smell the exact same as the Priority Tape did. Wal-Mart has self-dispenser rolls in stock now.