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Archduke Saint Uriel Octavius, of the Dragons Forge , Defender of Blackspire.

"“You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain” ― Miyamoto Musashi

Uriel (center) with two of their squires

Uriel (center), with two of their squires - (Mezimere (left) and Kalzar (right)


Uriel Octavius
Chapter Mystic Seas
Kingdom Blackspire
Started 1996
Noble Title Archduke, Defender
Belted Status Flame Knight,Crown Knight

Originally joined using the name Tseng, Uriel reverted back to the persona name they had originally wanted to use on joining.

Uriel joined Amtgard on October 3rd, 1996 and fell in love with the game the same day at the young age of thirteen. Two days later they brought their best friend, and fellow member of the Wrecking Crew, Shyden out to Amtgard. Playing since they were teenagers, both players came up in the game together. Unlike Shyden, who was drawn to fighting, Uriel was always more drawn to service and specifically event running. Uriel began serving office within a few years of joining, starting as a Baronial Champion. They also hosted their first event less than two years after starting. These would both be the foundations of their career in the game.

Uriel would go on to serve a multitude of offices both at their local land level and at the Kingdom level. They would also continue to refine their event running and host larger and more intricate events, learning for each one they ran. Outside of events and office, Uriel was also always very much dedicated to serving the club where they could. To this end they were elevated by the peers to Knighthood in the order of the Flame on December of 2002, a little over six years after joining. Being 20 they were one of the youngest people knighted by VSR.

It was shortly after this that Uriel took for a Man-at-Arms a kid who was very similar to how they were when they joined, Gameface. Six months later, after really bonding and getting to know the kid, they elevated him to Squire. Making Gameface their very first squire. Gameface would spend nearly six years as Uriel's squire and eventually, to the pride of Uriel, Gameface would be knighted into the order of the Flame in May of 2009.

In addition to their Flame knighthood, after many years of office the Kingdom of Black Spire bestowed the honor of Knight of the Crown on Uriel in March of 2008. In addition to this honor Uriel has also achieved a Masterhood in Smith in 2010, achieving Uriel's first major goal in Amtgard.

Uriel continues to try to be an active and involved force within his community and Amtgard.

Affiliated Groups

Hybris Legion
Position Praetorian
Membership Praetorian #XII
Uriel's Heraldry
Personal Heraldry of Saint Uriel
Uriel was once known as Tseng
Uriel's Heraldry
Symbol of Domus Octavii

Belted Family

Prior to their knighting Uriel was squired to Dama Kaia Kym-Nak-Mar.

Retired Squires

While unbelted much of their time prior to knighthood, Uriel spent their final year as a squired to Dame Kaia. Kaia would help fine tune and prepare Uriel to be a knight.

While not part of Domus Octavii, the extended knight family household, Kaia still holds a place of reverence from Uriel and all who were begot from their belt.

Notable Accomplishments



Uriel has held many offices over the years, both at the local and kingdom level.

  • Baronial Champion of Mithril Hills (1x + 1 pro-tem)
  • Ducal champion of Mithril Hills (1x)
  • Baronial Regent of Mithril Hills (1x)
  • Ducal Regent of Mithril Hill (1x)
  • Baronial Regent of Mystic Seas (2x)
  • Sheriff of Deep Water Gorge (now Obsidian Grove) (1x)
  • Baron of Mithril Hills (4x + 1 pro-tem)
  • Duke of Mitrhil Hills (4x + 1 pro-tem)
  • Champion of the Kingdom of Black Spire (1x)
  • Prince Regent of The Valley of Silver Rains (1x)
  • Prince Regent of Black Spire (2x)
  • First and Eighth King of Black Spire.

In addition to these positions Uriel has served countless times as class guildmaster(s) and accumlated a total of 6 years on the Board of Directors between VSR and Black Spire.


Additional Images

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Uriel spending time with their Knightly Family


Uriel, as King, delivering Sir Dogboy's last unanswered blow

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