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The Rules of Play

The current version in play is 8.0

Newest Version of the rules goes active Amtgard wide January 1st, 2015: 8.0 Rulebook

History of the rules

The first rule book was a single sheet of paper, the first published and codified rulebook. Originally written, or stolen, the whole cloth from Dagorhir by James Heran III, or Peter LeGrue. The first ones cost a dollar a piece from the Science Fiction club of the local El Paso High School. Eventually, the group caught wise to La Grue. But instead of leaving, they kicked him out and built the game themselves.

Correction- The first Amtgard rulebook (1.0), was a complete multipage handbook very much like one you would pick up today. Though much simpler, it identified the basic tenets incorporated into every rulebook to date. It was not a single piece of paper, that item was a promotional handout providing an overview of Peter La Grues Amtgard first used at the El Paso Comicon in 1983. He did charge for them, $1.00 ea and he sold them exclusively as a source of income. You also paid dues every weekend in order to play. These funds went right into his pocket and became a very sore spot of contention with club members. The El Paso High School Science Fiction Club otherwise known as the Far Travelers’ did not start distributing handbooks until early 1984. We did not kick out La Grue, we separated from his group. For almost 8 months we had two Amtgard groups playing on different days. La Grue, Pan Farstar, Thanos Darkside, Haunsaure, and there followers forming one group. Tawnee, Nashomi, Heimdale, Gilos and there followers forming the other This second group set the foundation for the 2.0 rulebook, the formation of the Kingdom of the Burning Lands, The Board of Directors, and many of the classes played today.Archer, Assassin, Anti-Paladin ,Bard, Monk, Wizard (revised) etc. La Grues group died , La Grue left El Paso and his followers either quite playing or rejoined The Burning Lands.Heimdale Haroldsson (Jan 2013)

What remains to us from history includes the basic tenets of our game today. Children under the age of 14 aren't allowed on the field, you must have garb, weapons, and a persona. Some awkward bits existed, for instance healers had to have a scroll with their spell written on it. In this version shield bashing, and grappling are legal. A listing of ransoms by class are given.

Second Edition

In the 2.0 Rules the first weapon making instructions are found. As well as information that we would expect to find in our corpora today. For instance. If you became prime minister of Burning Lands and you were not yet a knight, you became one when you stepped down. A Squire was listed under the classes, 'A Squire is a warrior in training under a Paladin Knight or Warrior with fifteen or more battle games of experience.' Healers were not allowed to heal themselves.


Rulebooks used in Amtgard
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8th Edition: 8.0