7.5 Rulebook

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Preceded by 7.2 Rulebook. Superseded by 7.6 Rulebook.

The Official Rules of Play for the Game of Amtgard

Amtgard; Handbook on the Rules of Play

This version is 7.5

Yes, they skipped 7.3 & 7.4 because Brennon said so...

A Caveat:

It is worth while to note that whilst wikifing the rulebook does make information easier to find it also makes that information about as honest and accurate as that page’s last updater. This section of the Amtwiki is meant as a guide, not the absolute last word on the rules.-LT
Seconded for 7.5 - Kelvelos

Here is a listing of the current sections of the Rulebook

Wikified for your pleasure


Getting Started

Persona Guidelines

Combat, Weapons and Equipment

Equipment Construction



Abilities and Traits

Amtgard Magic

Magic Descriptions


Rules Revision Process

Award Standardization

Kingdom Boundaries and Park Sponsorship

Other important Amtgard publications

Dor Un Avathar

Rulebook Expansions

These sections are taken directly from the Rules of Play, please do not alter them. If you wish to include some personal experience, caveat or addendum please add it to the very bottom of the appropriate page under the title 'Player Notes'.

PDF of the Rulebook
PDF of the Rulebook Rev. 2
PDF of the Rulebook Rev. 3
PDF of the Rulebook Rev. 3 + bookmarks

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