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Preceded by 5.0 Rulebook. Superseded by 6.1 Rulebook.

The sixth edition of the "Amtgard: Handbook on the Rules of Play".

The longest serving Rulebook of the game, for well over a decade, from October of 1993 to April 2005.

Major changes from 5.0 included standardizing Bard as a magic spellcasting class, eliminating the last remaining guildmaster perks, and general cleaning up and standardizing.

Class Requirements

  • Anti-Paladin: Must have a black phoenix openly displayed on their clothing or armor.
  • Archer: Any tunic, and a bow is required.
  • Assassin: Mask that covers the mouth and nose, headbands of the appropriate color are required after first level.
  • Barbarian: Blue or brown cloth (earth tones), leather, fur, grasses, flowers, leaves, reeds, wood, native and aboriginal jewelry and decorations, etc.
  • Bard: Bardic blue worn on or with a bright tunic (white, yellow, orange, etc.). Bards must carry a musical instrument.
  • Druid: Brown robe, sash, or belt. Magical symbols and devices are encouraged.
  • Healer: Red sash or baldric. Magical symbols and devices are encouraged.
  • Monk: Grey belt or sash at first level, and black belt or sash at higher levels.
  • Paladin: Must have a white phoenix device openly displayed on their clothing or armor.
  • Scout: Green tunic or visible green sash.
  • Warrior: A tunic or armor must be worn.
  • Wizard: Yellow belt or sash. Long robes, hoods and magical devices are encouraged.

6.0 PDF

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