Piper Lesonette

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Baronetess Sir Piper Lesonette of Blackthorne, Crystal Groves


Piper originated in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves. She has moved around here and there but is currently and always hopes to call the Shire of Blackthorne, of which she is also a founding member, home.

She enjoys holding office, cooking, hand embroidery, and she says running day events is her jam.

She was squired to Sir Kenshin and Sir Fuzz, and was knighted in the Path of the Flame in 2019. She has two Squires, Lilith Fleurose Lesonette and Bowlgod Lesonette, three Persons-at-Arms, Weis, Judecca Penombra, and Eydis and a Page, Halbreak that she loves with her whole heart. In 2010, she married Jynx Mercades and she says she likes him well enough too.

She was given the title of Lady on February 28, 2010. Baronetess was awarded in 2021, Knight of the Flame in 2019, and Paragon Colour in 2022.

Affiliated Groups

Hybris Legion
Position Plebeian
Membership Plebeian to # XVIII

Belted Family

Piper was squired to both Sir Kenshin and Sir Fuzz before her elevation.

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