Daelin Darkstalker

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Baron Daelin Darkstalker of Falcon Tor, Kingdom of Tal Dagore


Married to Baroness Terrylyn Darkstalker of Falcon Tor, Baron Daelin is known for his knowledge of the game and his feisty attitude. Lord Daelin started playing in 2009, took a break to live a mundane life in 2011 and returned to Falcon Tor with his wife in 2015. He is always full of jokes, sass and wit. He also isn't afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to teaching newbies how to play the game.

He is belted to Duke Radiant FinnTroll Novellis, of Falcon Tor, Tal Dagore

Notable Accomplishments:
Prime Minister of Falcon Tor | 2011
Master of Falcon Tor | August 2011
Prime Minister of Falcon Tor | August 2016
Champion of Falcon Tor | November 2017
Lord of Falcon Tor | March 2017
Monarch of Falcon Tor | June 2018
Baron of Falcon Tor | January 2020
Paragon Druid | September 2021

Belted Family

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