Kenji Flowerfoot

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Kenji Flowerfoot started his Amtgard career on June 7th of 2021. He started playing the Assassin class of v8. He wore full garb on his first day. It wasn't long after that, he made his own throwies and a bandolier to hold them. He aimed for the Golden Axe award, which is a custom award given within a player's first year, once a reign, for displaying enthusiasm and consistent attendance above all other new players. Three months after starting, he goes to Keep On The Borderlands, a massive tri-kingdom event that took place in the Midwest. After Kenji got a taste of a max level assassin at the event, he worked to max his class level. Kenji continues to chase after the Golden Axe award, which he achieved at Park level.

Kenji started training to hone his assassin skills on the field, earning awards along the way, with his sight set on earning a paragon title for assassin. During this process, he maximized his throwies capacity, acquired armor, and made a lot of friends along the way as he attended so many kingdom events within a few hours by car. Towards his first year, he earned a Kingdom level Golden Axe award for continuance of enthusiasm and an overall friendly player to be around at kingdom events.

Kenji is approached by Duke Finntroll Novellis, Knight Of The Crown, to be his next Page. Kenji accepts and received guidance throughout his career, from his new belt family.

Kenji takes up champion at his local park, Falcon Tor. He started making his own games and developing his assassin skills to favor using throwies and daggers. After one year and seven months, Kenji earned his Paragon title for Assassin in January, 2023. He takes on a young apprentice to teach the assassin class to.

Kenji continues his career progression by searching for a class to improve and paragon while working his way towards a Battle Master title, and eventually, a Knight Of The Battle.

Inventor of the screaming throwie, created 1/31/2023