Matthias Fleewinter

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Master Squire Matthias Fleewinter, of Souls' Crossing, Emerald Hills

"Is the website's code written in Entish or something?"

Matthias Fleewinter, circa June 2008


If you've met a Matthias on E-Sam this is him, his wit is biting and often disarmingly funny (citation needed) . He is often quoted on the in their own words pages, go check him out.

'Persona Names:'Barbarian- Stumpy Anklebasher, Druid- Jonah Treehugger, Healer- Lucian Kreel, Monk- Krogoth, Reeve & Color- Matthias Fleewinter, Warrior- Marcus Daggersmith, Wizard- Xeno Dunnellon. (All Deceased, including Matthias himself)

Notable acomplisments

Member of House Killjoy

Writer of several alt-classes and many, many, many monsters.

Belted line

Squire to Sir Lucas Wyngarde of the Wetlands. Matthias has one active Page Omok Dar; and Two that are currently inactive, Orian the Hunted and Lelas Woodbine.

Affiliated groups


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