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Lady Squire MacGyver Craftywhacks, Defender of Dragonspine



Lady Squire MacGyver is a founding member of the Valkyries and fights out of Dragonspine. She is married to Sir Bai Hu and is the mother of Lady Page Kierra Tul and Kriv the Foreboding. She first came to the park in 2013, but began showing up consistently in 2015. She's particularly known for her beadwork, garb, and fighting as an assassin and archer. She was elevated to Master Garber in the Fall of 2021 (without a stitch of applique!). She will be knighted on May 7, 2022.

Belted Family

Sir Glenalth Woodwalke (Flame 2006)

Affiliated Groups


Notable Accomplishments


Lady Squire MacGyver Craftywhacks, Defender of Dragonspine, Dragonmaster, Regent's Defender, Regent's Champion, Dragonrider of Dragonspine, Artificer of Pegasus Valley, Luminous, Sniper, Early Bird, Garber of Renown

More Information


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