Glenalth Woodwalke

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Duke Sir Glenalth, of Pegasus Valley, DS.

”How can it be so hard to find a decent straw hat?”


Randall, Glenalth, and Glenalth's awesome hat at Gathering of the Clans in 2007


Glenalth Woodwalke started playing in Sachsenlein, IM in 3/1996 and moved to Pegasus Valley, DS a few years later. Several years later, headed off to help start Dragon's Tooth, DS in 2002. Returned to Pegasus Valley in 2005. Briefly moved to Jupiter's Stones, TD in 2015 for a year before coming back home to Pegasus Valley after the passing of Tyedye.

It's a little known fact that Glen and Glenalth are actually separate people.

Affiliated Groups

Founding member of Red Branch fighting company in 1996. Leader for 7 years until 2006 when he left the company. Currently a member of the Wheel company and Woodwalke household. Former organizer for Team Amtgard on-line gaming and the Amtgard Armorer's Guild.

Belted Family

Sir Glenalth Woodwalke (Flame 2006)

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