Death Knight

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Death Knights are the spirits of fallen heroes, usually paragons of good such as Paladins, who committed an immensely evil act and betrayed their oaths, although occasionally they are the spirits of knight’s who were evil in life. They have been returned to this world as undead knights, cursed to forever walk the earth. They resemble ghostly skeletons wearing ornate armor, with glowing red eyes staring from deep beneath their helms.
Dor Un Avathar X

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Dark Tunic or Armor.
  • Openly displayed Black Phoenix device.
  • A skull mask or face paint
Requirements May only be played by a Knight
Monster Type Undead
Level Scenario
Power Rating 5
Armor 2 (Natural Invulnerability), 4 (Worn, Ancestral)
Shields Any
Weapons Any Melee, Javelins



  • None

Special Notes