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Arciduca Dr Casca Eruoy Pertinax of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

Photo taken by Mirrim
"I wish I had Multiple Man's powers. So many more things would get done if I was just allowed to have clones."


Casca joined Amtgard early 2000, not long after Neverwinter's first coronation. Formerly of Falling Fire in Neverwinter, Casca moved to the Iron Mountains in 2006. She is best known for her leather working (especially her leather carving), garbing, cooking, and needlework abilities. She also loves designing battlegames, and she arts all the arts pretty hard.


Casca has had the nickname Casca since long before joining Amtgard. She has been called this since before the manga/anime Berserk was first published. She never knew there was a novel series called Casca: The Eternal Mercenary until 2007 and her name has nothing to do with this either. Her name is not linked with Brazil, Canada or Peru, and yes, she knows her name is a Latin male name. One day however, the Roger's Raiders decided Casca's name was an acronym of which only the S and C were known (standing for Shadow Cobra). Casca thinks that the Raiders are all very nice guys. Casca has a "mundane" doctorate, so folks probably shouldn't actually use Dr as a knighthood honorific.

Belted family

Dr. Casca -(Serpent, Flame)

Affiliated Groups

Notable acomplishments

  • Former winner Neverwinter's Dragonmaster
  • Several time winner of Iron Mountain's Dragonmaster, Best of the Best, and cultural champion tournaments
  • During Olympiad 2009, tied for first place as Cultural Events winner; took Best of Show with a leather fish
  • Many time feastcrat of Rakis and other events
  • Many time A&S-crat of Rakis and other events
  • Many time tournament coordinator of the IM
  • Go-to gal for how-to crafting classes
  • Marketing-crat of an 8-Bit Rakis
  • Couple time security-crat for Rakis
  • Chief Artist and Art Director of the v8 Rules of Play
  • Artist for the Dor Un Avathar v9 and v10
  • Has been in every office at local and kingdom level, other than at shire level
  • Served as the IM's Rules Representative for 5 years
  • Art Director for the Dor Un Avathar v10
  • Warcrat for All Roads Lead to Rakis
  • First woman to hold all Imperial offices in the Iron Mountains, third overall to have accomplished this



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