Brizerker Swift

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Squire Brizerker Swift, of Northern Holdfast, Iron Mountains

*bizarre little chittery noises* -Brizerker Swift
My @$$ is not dirty, I have a very classy @$$, thank you. -Brizerker Swift



Swift (given name Brizerker) joined Amtgard in the spring of 2011. She is an avid archery user and talented artist with some of her artwork being contributed to the 9th version of the Dor Un Avathar. Her cake making skills are also often appreciated. Bri is also known for her bubbly and chittery mannerisms. She's not much of an accomplished melee fighter, especially with sword and board, but likes to learn the techniques and skills to become better. Her preferred class to play is Archer, and she enjoys teaching others the skill.

Affiliated Groups

Victorious Secret

Belted Family

Dr. Casca -(Serpent, Flame)

Notable Accomplishments

Won Best In Show in an Iron Mountains Dragonmaster with a neat cake
Was awarded the Order of the Jovious by Quiet and Kain
Has been awarded 5 Orders of the Dragon

Positions Held

Swift was Prime Minister to the Northern Holdfast from June 2012 to March 2013.
Swift took on Prime Minister to the Northern Holdfast again from August 2014-present

Additional Images

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Additional Information

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