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Bruin wearing heavy armor
Park Rising Sun Station
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Started 2016
E-Mail [email protected]

Baron Baranduin Edegil, of Rising Sun Station, Kingdom of Crystal Groves


Bruin started playing Amtgard at the age of 14, in Goldenvale, under a persona name not remembered. He fell in love with the game and then life happened: the family moved to a new town, he graduated school and shipped off to the Marines, so on and so forth. Fast forward about 17 years and Bruin found himself settled down in Northern Viriginia, and reconnected with the game at the Duchy of Rising Sun Station. He chose the name Bruin, later explaining that it is a bastardized form of his proper Elvish (Sindarin) name: Baranduin.


Bruin’s coat of arms is designed to be simple, yet meaningful. The blue and white ermine pattern on the left being reminiscent of his Goldenvale roots, with the overall blue and yellow paying hommage to his new home of Crystal Groves. The black chevron, a tribute to his military career in mundane life, with seven white stars, to represent the constellation “Valacirca”, which in Sindarin is “Edegil”.

Bruin’s Coat of Arms

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sir Shiva (Crown 2014 : Flame 2018) #TEAMSHIVA


In order of precedence: Baron, Master

Leadership History

Volunteer History

  • War-Crat Team Member FOD’17
  • War-Crat Team Member FOF’17

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