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Page Kir, of The Shire of the Forgotten Forest, Kingdom of Crystal Groves

"Hoofings will continue until morale improves" *^*



On September 20, 2015, Kir began Amtgard at the shire of the Forgotten Forest. Kir mainly played Warrior class until reaching level 6. Nowadays, Kir can be found levelling and learning to be an efficient healer, and teaching other members of the Forgotten Forest how to efficiently play Warrior.

Kir has served as both Forgotten Forest’s monarch and regent, most recently stepping up to the position of monarch on December 9th, 2016. Kir is a valued leader and provides excellent direction as a monarch, and great teachings in Arts and Sciences as regent.

Affiliated Groups

On 10-19-2016, Kir became the Training Officer of Galaxy

On 10-28-2016, Kir became a member of the Crystal Bastion

Belted Family

On 12-4-2016, Kir accepted a page belt from Lord Squire Rellik. Lord Squire Rellik is squired under Sir Shiva.

Notable Accomplishments

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