Paula Bear

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Bear, Woman at Arms to the Maestro of Shade, of Rising Sun Station, Crystal Groves

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Paula started her fighting career in Dagorhir in Maryland. She started with the more flurbier side, joining "The Guard" for quite a while. After several years, a group of her friends and she broke off and created "The Ulfrung", a Viking themed unit. She spent several years of upping her garb game to extraordinary heights and her creative skills for making garb and a wide variety of A&S projects. In 2015 she was introduced to Amtgard by Snojoo (who's that guy? weird). She quickly began entering items in A&S competitions and taking sword fighting more seriously. Since then, she's only continued to improve and astound the Kingdom of Crystal Groves with her skills in A&S and fighting, being one of the most respected individuals in the Kingdom.

Belted Line

Sir Shiva (Crown 2014 : Flame 2018) #TEAMSHIVA