Nojdivad Newrik

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Nojdivad Newrik
Home Park Bandit Flats East
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2011
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Page to Muirin

Page Nojdivad, of Bandit Flats East, Crystal Groves

"Sheath thy blade or forfeit thy life."

Persona Background

Born in the land of Innistrad. Attended an academy run by the Church for training Inquisitors to fight against the Undead hordes. Graduated at age 21. Traveled to Rokugan with a division of Inquisitors led by High Inquisitor Alec Wolfbane to aid the Spider clan in clearing tainted from the Shadowlands. Perished at the hands of an Arch-demon along with his entire division. An Angel by the name of Joviael attempted to resurrect him and ended up trapping its soul inside the body along with Nojdivad, causing amnesia in the newly resurrected Nojdivad. Nojdivad traveled for days until he stumbled upon a ronin swordsman who took him under their wing and taught him the ways of the warrior and the path of the sword. For three years, he traveled with the swordsman until he made enough coin to seek passage home to Innistrad. On the way home, the ship he was on sank and he ended up washing up on the shores of Bandit Flats East with only the clothes on his back and a wooden staff. While there, he worked as a bodyguard for the Speaker of the Sea Elves briefly and was recruited to Rellik's mercenary company. Eventually, news of his survival reached the ears of his parents in Innistrad, who sent him a letter with a vial containing a memory elixir. Upon drinking the elixir, he took on the unofficial title of Inquisitor and began gathering forces to prevent some of the tragedies that befell his homeland from happening in his new home.

Positions Held

Monarch of Bandit Flats East Summer of 2014, Champion of Bandit Flats East Summer of 2013 and Fall of 2013

Affiliated Groups

Member of the fighting company, Beast from the East

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Possessed the Sword of Flame for six months during the summer of 2012 2nd Order of the Griffin 2nd Order of the Rose Order of the Jovious (5-1-2013)

Other Information

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