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The goal of the Phoenix League is to promote the pursuit of teamwork, strategic thinking, leadership skills, and overall mastery of the rules within the Amtgard LARP. It will work to encourage class knowledge and battle-gaming prowess by establishing incentives, discussion and fostering a positive learning environment. We will strive to achieve these objectives through the creation and support of this ruleset for competitive, organized play. Our goal is to provide a controlled setting for players and teams to visibly demonstrate their expertise.

The Phoenix League Format

The Phoenix League is a competitive format designed for use with the Amtgard V8 Rulebook. The Phoenix League format explains how to compete within the League. These rules must be consistent throughout all regions of the game in order to maintain the ability to practice and compete against each other. Rulings listed here supersede the Amtgard rulebook, however they will always strive to be in line with it. This ruleset may be revised each season to adjust, balance, and/or improve the league. Seasons change with the new year.


The format was created by:

Development began in 2015.

The format was presented to the world in May 2016.

The first tournament, "The Big Event", happened in September 2016 in Caradoc Hold (Rochester, NY).




The most up to date list of contacts regarding rules and membership can be found here: *Amtgard Phoenix League