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Page Oasis, of The Shire of the Forgotten Forest, Kingdom of Crystal Groves




Oasis is one of the eldest members of the Forgotten Forest. Outside of Amtgard, Oasis is in ROTC and plans on joining the military reserves as an infantry officer. Also, previous to joining Amtgard on September 9, 2015 , she, along with Natasha Woodmancy, worked on their own LARP group in high school. Unfortunately, it didn't last but it helped hone their skills to be officers in the Forgotten Forest. As evidenced by her amazing role play proficiency, Oasis has always loved fantasy and is a maniac about dragons and other fantastic beasts.

Oasis mainly plays warrior and assassin class, with level 5 and 3 in those classes.

Affiliated Groups

On 10-21-16, Oasis joined Galaxy as their Administration Officer

Belted Family

Sir Shiva (Crown 2014 : Flame 2018) #TEAMSHIVA

Notable Accomplishments