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The Sequel!

The Sequel was an event held May 18th-20th 2012 at McGowan Farm, Mankato, MN. The event was a sequel to G.A.M.E. held at the same site in 2010. The event was Autocratted By Sir Raphael and planning, preparation, and promotion took place in the 15 months leading up to the event. Attendance was 102, nearly double that of G.A.M.E., drawing players from least 8 states with three kingdoms and nearly every chapter within a 400 mile radius represented.

Events in the order which they occurred

Friday the 18th

On Friday night Amtgard Jeopardy was played. Participants answered questions on topics such as rules, heraldry, and Amtgard history. Kite won the competition and was rewarded at court.

Saturday the 19th


Saturday morning's breakfast was provided by Archon. The Menu consisted of Oatmeal and Scrambled eggs to ensure the event attendees were properly fueled for the day.

Starmount Cinder Block Invitational

Participants vied to see who could throw a cinderblock the farthest. Vahn, the defending champion maintained his title.

Peasant battle

The battle was chaotic fight between the Potato Farmers and the Sugar Barons. Each team fought to burn down there opposing team's village, whilst keeping their own intact. The The Potato Farmers were lead by Amara, and Captain of the Sugar Barons was Aiden who won the day.


Saturday Luncheon was a light fare of fruit and cracker snack packs so as to not weigh down the players.


The Principality of Polaris Dragonmaster was held Saturday afternoon. Raphael won the competition and Aiden won best of show.

Castle Smashers:

  • A simple fort was constructed on-site and fought over in these battles. There were two different siege scenarios. One full class and one melee.

The captains who contended for glory and prizes were:

The victorious captain, Miago, revived a prize at court.

Romans vs Barbarians 2

"The long awaited rematch we've all been waiting a long time to see." -Mike Goldberg

Romans vs Barbarians 2 once again pitted the Barbarians lead by Broton against the Romans captained by Sir Garik in a rematch two years in the making. Once again it was a Non-Magic (Any class but spell casters) smash [[battlegame|battle]. In the months leading up to the event each captain took turns picking three of the non-magic classes for their team in the battle.

The Roman team fought their way to victory despite being noticeably out numbered at the onset of the battle. Post battle analysis attributed their victory to a number of factors including:

  • inadequate aggression by the barbarian team which left their force to be picked apart by the Romans at will.
  • The barbarian team lacked any means to heal wounds or resurrect their team mates whilst every class on the Roman side had some capacity to do so.
  • The Roman team generally consisted of more experienced players and better equipped players.

Feast and Court

Saturday night feast was pulled pork sandwiches. The court of Prince Broton and the bardic portion of the Dragon Master coincided with feast. Business at court included:

  • Distribution of prizes to the winners of the games.
  • Event Promotion. (note: this was probably the first court time in the area in over a year that did not include promotions for The Sequel.)
  • Much gratitude put forth to the players for coming to the event.
  • Pimping of the Amtgard Food Fight by Dame Sylvanista.
  • Raphael announced the dissolution of Starmount.
  • Raven's Nest was brought into the Principality of Polaris.
  • Frostdagger Falls petitioned to join the Principality of Polaris.


Saturday Night there was a bonfire and bardic in the same fashion as was done at G.A.M.E. There was an open competition for the best story told and best singing performance. The Bardic was concluded by a singalong of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Sunday the 20th

Weapon Master

-Iron Man system was used with 15 minute fields
Categories: single short sword, short sword and shield, two short swords, open, two-handed weapon, and two-man teams.

Additional Information

  • There was a CABIN RULE. There are a few cabins on site. The rules for them were simple. If you travelled MORE than 500 miles, then you got first dibs on a bunk. We treat our far travelling guests well up here.
  • Attendees were encouraged to bring banners. To do this the autocrat entered everyone who brought one into a raffle for a prize.


Photos by Kaleth Amnell of Frostdagger Falls
Photos by Dame Sylvanista of Nocturnis
Video of the Romans vs Barbarians 2 battle
Video of the Romans vs Barbarians 2 battle
Photos from The Sequel as well as the third battle of Darkshores by Ziana of Dark Shores
Photos by Lumpy
Photos by Anastasia of Land's End
Fire spinning video by Anastasia of Land's End
Fire spinning video by Anastasia of Land's End