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A Shire of the Celestial Kingdom, located in Round Rock, TX.




Nocturnis was founded as a freehold in September of 2006 by Crinos, Alara the Drake, Voltar Ironwolf and Sylvanista de'Ebonydaryth. Nocturnis was welcomed into the Celestial Kingdom in August of 2007. Officers for reign 1 were chosen by drawing positions out of a hat about a week before the first meeting. The population quickly doubled when some members of Tiger Clan and their friends also decided to take up residence. Soon Nocturnis was invaded by another group of friends, the founders of Animus Discipulus, who also decided to stay. Nocturnis was declared defunct by King Distan of the Celestial Kingdom in May 2015. In January 2017, however Megiddo sel Esdraelon took up the reigns and by the power of Khaleesi Nesta D'Ebonydaryth, Nocturnis rejoined the Celestial Kingdom.


Among the populous of Nocturnis, the following companies are commonly represented:

Interesting facts about Nocturnis

  • 150 cupcakes with blue icing were passed out during Spring War 2007 in celebration of the end of the first reign. This tradition has been carried out at each Spring War since then.
  • The symbol of Nocturnis is a white rook on a field of navy blue and dark gray.
  • The motto of Nocturnis is "for the fun of it!"
  • Nocturnis volunteered to help the City of Cedar Park-Parks and Recreation Department do upkeep on the labyrinth at Brushy Creek Lake Park.
  • The first quest held at Nocturnis was based on the movie Labyrinth.
  • Hosted the Celestial Kingdom Relic Quest during the reign of Sir Arthon. The quest was based on the movie The Princess Bride.
  • Reign 36 of the Celestial Kingdom had all 4 of the top Kingdom Officers (Monarch, Regent, Prime Minister and Champion) from Nocturnis.
  • Nocturnis has marched in both the Georgetown Red Poppy Festival parade and the Round Rock Independence Day parade.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Nocturnis belt favor is not a white belt

Directions And Contacts

Nocturnis plays on Saturdays at 2:00pm at Old Settlers Park near the Virg Rabb Pavilion. Come early and fight all day.

Current Officers

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Representatives of Nocturnis at the 2007 Red Poppy Parade in Georgetown, TX.

From left to right: Zachary, Oriana, Modox, Sylvanista, Voltar Ironwolf, Crinos, and Alara the Drake

Quest monsters for the Nocturnis Labyrinth quest.
From left to right standing: Modox as Jareth, Tatsu as Hoggle, Mythrallicus as Ludo, Alara as a goblin, Sylvanista as Didymus. Sitting: Alana as Sarah and Oriana, as a Fiery.

Nocturnis at Clan 2009
Back row: Loqi, Crinos, Alara, Alana, Tatsu, Killashandra, Captain Black and Sylvanista. Front row: Coran, Seorsi and Voltar Ironwolf

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