Garik Morden

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Sir Garik Morden, of Starmount Iron Mountains

”Frankly, I'd rather people just aspire to be better Amtgarders instead of aspiring to get knighted. I cringe whenever I hear people talking about how they're working in such-and-such a way to get such-and-such a belt. I truly feel embarrassed for them. In my mind, nothing disqualifies a person more profoundly.”



Garik began his Amtgard life in Dragonspine in 1996. He joined the Golden Lions soon thereafter and became the Squire of Sir Tristan du Sable of Dragonspine. He attended Burning Lands regularly and eventually transferred his records there. He moved to the Midwest in Events in 1999, leaving the Golden Lions soon thereafter. He joined Archon at Clan Events in 2000. He has since settled in Minnesota and was very active in the Shire of Starmount. He reluctantly accepted being the captain of Archon in the wake of Aramithris's departure from the game. An amazingly smart and reliable friend to all he has met and anyone he has yet to meet. Sir Tristan du Sable considered him the perfect squire.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Archon

Former Golden Lion.

Belted Family

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Pictured here with Crinos at SKBC 2008.