Delu Maethor

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Delu Maethor, of Wyvern's Spur, Westmarch

Delu Maethor in his early healing days mid sprint

Delu Maethor's Heraldry


Delu Maethor, more commonly known as Delu started playing in 2013 in the then Barony of Wyvern's Spur. Following the pandemic and the return en masse to regular park days Delu threw himself whole-heartedly to all parts of the game; pursuing paths of leadership, craftsmanship, combat, and battle.

After reaching level 6 in Monk Delu began to work on mastering Healer. He was later approached by Paragon Healer Attano and was offered an Apprenticeship in pursuit of one day becoming a Paragon Healer. He gladly accepted and worked closely with Attano to develop his skills and while that journey is not over he hopes to one day earn the title and pass the skills onto another Healer as his mentor did for him.

When Dratz was given his belt as a Knight of Battle he took Delu on as his Squire.

Delu began to work on his crafting ability and was additionally belted by Serpent Knight Attano and joined their belted family.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments


Former Champion of the Barony of Wyvern's Spur

Former Monarch of the Duchy of Wyvern's Spur

Winter '23-'24 Westmarch Kingdom GMR

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