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"The Esteemed Representative from Azusistan has the floor!"

Lord Marquis Sir Azus
Home Park Wyvern's Spur
Kingdom Westmarch
Year Started 2006
Noble Title Lord Marquis
Belt Status brown, it holds up my pants, Green, Gold

Lord Marquis Azus, Knight of the Serpent, Knight of the Crown, Ambassador of the People, of Wyvern's Spur, Westmarch


I came. I saw. I conquered. Unfortunately all that I conquered was a couple of ants, killed from drowning in my spilling blood.

"My stick falls into that triangle mentioned earlier between " I don't totally suck", "I can hold my own", and "who is that incompetent dweebous dipshit anyway""

The Esteemed Representative from Azusistan
After a long day of fighting at Dragon Blade Wars IX (I believe this to be the correct event, but I find myself having doubts due in part to the subject of the following statement -Ed.), and during a long night of drinking it was declared by Azus' equally intoxicated peers that since he and his compatriot Thistledown were the only notable persons currently attending from the Barony of Wyvern's Spur, and upon the consensus of the opinion that the land could have likely folded by now if not thanks to Azus: it should thusly be renamed (in an unofficial capacity, mind you -Ed.) to the Independent State of Azusistan. As such, Azus would forthwith be referred to as "The Esteemed (being held in high esteem to his belligerent peers) Representative from Azusistan." Additionally, any encroachments onto his folding camping chair where his cloak was often draped when not thrust about his shoulders was regarded as a hostile invasion and a likely Act of War.

It was a good night, and a good proclamation.

alas, the embassy was sacked at that event. The embassy being the aforementioned chair, and the sack being Torbjorn's (ahem) sack

Belted Family

Sir Azus (Serpent Crown)

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Serpent Knight, February 2020 Ambassador of the People (non-noble title granted by Queen Ailanthus, Feast of Odin 2022) Crown Knight, November 2022



* Fall of '07 Westmarch voted to extend reigns so that coronation would fall on Prince's War / Feast of Mars. Fall of '08 Westmarch votes to extend reigns so that Coronation fell on Darkshore, and midreign at FoM. Thus, dates for champion and 1st PM are correct, these were 8-9 month stints.

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