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Lord Squire William Blackhand-Darkjester of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

a.k.a Uncle Willie Trapspringer
"This one time in the Army..." - William



Willie has been playing Amtgard in the Iron Mountains since 1996, when he stumbled across Sir Gui Ben Amon at a Laser Quest and was invited along with Corwin to a Saturday Game at Southmoore Park. Willie is best known for his involvement in the "Trap Incident" and his drunken revelry in his early Amtgard days though he still cringes when it is brought up. Although most stories about him are greatly exaggerated or in some cases down right fabrications, it is true that he used to get very drunk at events and do extremely stupid things. William is the real life older brother of Giles and is only slightly of jealous of Giles' ability to out drink him these days. William is also indirectly credited with Mirrim and Sable's hookup, since it was William that begged, pleaded and eventually paid for Mirrim's gate fees and food to cajole her into attending Clan. His fawning attention was completely missed by Mirrim, who hooked up with Sable at the Wolf campfire, where William had been consoling her for unreturned crush on Jhonus. William doesn't quite remember it that way, but it's a good story so he'll roll with it.

Belted Family

William was Man-at-Arms to Sir Talisin Silverwolf when she was still Squire to Sir Auromax. He was later promoted to Squire by Sir Auromax.

Affiliated Groups

William is a founding member of the Darkjesters (having been a member since before the Darkjesters were even a household)and currently served along with Zodiac Darkjester and Naga as a sort of House Elder prior to the Darkjester split. After which he became a member of House Harlequin.

William is a member of the Wolves of Cernunnos and has the distinction of being the only Wolf Cub to ever be granted Wolf status without approval of the circle. At the time of his initiation the Wolf Alpha (at the time Axgar) had the right to challenge the circle if they rejected a Wolf Cub he felt was worthy of full membership. After the Circle's vote rejected William as a full member, Axgar used his right and make him a full member. After realizing the furor of potty humor and "there i was..." stories that would be William as a Wolf, the Alpha's right to force a Wolf Cub's acceptance through the Circle was revoked shortly after William's acceptance as a full Wolf. Later that night while being ritually hunted by the members of his new fighting company William became the first Wolf Cub to ever kill a Full Wolf during the hunt, after he stabbed and killed Rachel while she attempted to sneak up on him and Jhonus. William was executed on the field at Harvest of Souls War for his attempts to role-play with Zumat. This was marked as a dark day for the Iron Mountains as up until then it had been reputed to be flurb free.

William is also a founding member of the InterKingdom House of Pancakes

Notable Accomplishments

William is well renown for his ability to drive an unwieldy minivan up and down the side of a mountain in an insane fashion without fatalities.


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