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Man-At-Arms Giles, of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

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Giles started playing Amtgard in the Iron Mountains. He was christened "Johnny Cheapbeer" at a Rakis during the great Johnny-a-thon for his ability to gather up a large quantity of beer money and to come back with only [1]. He is Man-at-Arms to Moss and has been so for some time. He is the real life younger brother of William and much to William's ire can successfully pull of the "I'm a war hero" line when meeting new women. Giles is a member of the Wolves of cerunnos and of the Wu Tang Clan. Giles has a penchant for ubber dry humour, drinking a lot, fighting a lot and having a good time. Giles has been known to keep conversations with drunks going on for hours be simply saying a non-attentive "yeah", "uh-huh" or "no way" while completely engaged in other activities.

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Man at arms to Moss(?)

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