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InterKingdom House of Pancakes (IKOP)


Welcome to the InterKingdom House of Pancakes! IKOP is proud to be the number one pretend (and sometimes real) purveyor of pancakes and other sumptuous breakfast delights to the Amtgard masses.

As it stands, however, the InterKingdom House of Pancakes (IKOP) Is currently accepting applications for... well, pretty much every other position, since I don't think any of the other employees still play Amtgard. Desire for pancakes, and an occasional willingness to make them for people is a bonus. Pay rates are dismal, benefits suck, but you might get lucky and get a cool Amtgard chef's jacket out of it if I can con Casca into making them. People who have a serious stick up their keisters about stuff like this need not apply.


Formed sometime after 1995, but prior to 2007(I don't remember the details), the House of Pancakes was started in the IM by Kord, William, Corwin and a couple of other drunk individuals. Sometime after it's founding between 1995 and 2007, during a conversation with a number of Darkjesters, Shanti was invited to join so that we could make it the InterKingdom House of Pancakes. The rest, as they say, is stupidity.

At Salt Wars in 2008, a small franchise of IKOP was created as the River's End House of Pancakes. Unfortunately, we failed to get the appropriate W-4 tax information from the applicants, so once we get that information (names in particular), we will go ahead and include them in the list of employees.

Employ.. er, I mean, Members

Korderellin - President and CEO of IKOP Inc.
Casca - Chef de Cuisine
Itsari - Sous Chef
Loptr - Flapjack Flipper
Cullum - Front House Manager
William - Odd Job Man and Shiftless Layabout
Daenen - Graveyard Line Cook
Abi Cross - Sommelier
Hannibal - Swing Cook
Zumat's mom - Fowl Fetus Procurement Specialist
Linden - Advertising Consultant
Quiet - Men's Room Attendant
Grix - Hostess
Alania - Expediter


The Inter-Kingdom House of Pancakes actually served its first ever feast at Rakis 2008, where the menu consisted of Waffles with Syrup, Whipped Cream, and Fruit. Currently, the Inter-Kingdom House of Pancakes does not serve Pancakes, although it is hoped we will be able to add this to the menu at some point in the near to distant future.

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