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The Harvest of Souls War started with an invasion of The Duchy of Pegasus Valley's park by the Iron Mountains in 1995 and became a full camping event in the following years. The Harvest of Souls War takes place in New Mexico over the Labor Day weekend each year. Over the last decade or so, the event has come to cater roleplayers and the like with an increase in roleplaying opportunities and non-fighting games, such as the Viking Games and similar games.

In more recent history, the event has become an immersive battle-gaming event, featuring a seamless transition between adventuring-themed battlegames. Most games at the event are designed around having smaller "adventuring parties" as teams, and allowing autonomy within the game design to the degree that teams are encouraged to barter and negotiate with each other in order to further their goals. Often, teams are allowed to pursue goals of their own choice out of a given range of possibilities.

A common facet of the event are Pegasus Valley Coins(colloquially called "PVCs"), which are typically handed out at gate and for accomplishing certain objectives or looting other players. PVCs have an inherent value within the structure of the event and can be used to purchase items, barter with other teams, or forward a team's progress toward overall victory in the event. Dead players and monsters on the field can be looted for items, PVCs, or other treasure by living players or monsters.

The event title is often shortened to "Harvest War".

Harvest War Website

Event History

XVI - 2011

  • Caballo Lake RV Rally campsite in New Mexico

XV - 2010

  • Dominion of the Grand River
  • September 2-6, 2010
  • Caballo Lake RV Rally campsite in New Mexico

The Setup

This year's event is based off of the popular card game, Dominion. Players will acquire PVCs and use them to purchase Victory cards, which add to a team's total score, while the team with the highest score at the end of the event will be declared the winner. Additionally, players who collect PVCs may use them to purchase items from the reeve between games. Many items are single-use and provide a beneficial effect such as an enchantment, whereas other items function as ongoing relics, and other items still may feature an effect that is not immediately obvious to the player. Players will divide into small teams of no more than five for battlegames, though players may change teams between games at their discretion.

XIV - 2009

Harvest War at Gavilan Trading Post.

The Setup

A series of subversive and infectious hosts have invaded the land and seek to gain supremacy over its residents. A series of "B Movie" villains were introduced into a wild questing environment, where adventuring parties were seeking for powerful relics and a hidden fortress.

The Conclusion

The final battle culminated in an engagement between the Lycanthrope hordes, a group of Cultists, a rivaling group of Cultists, the army of Pod People, and the remaining humans. The Pod People, with their leading general, Sir Atog, claimed victory over all other factions and emerged as the undisputed rulers of the land.

XIII - 2008

Harvest War at Gavilan Trading Post.

The Setup

Vikings vs Pathfinders.

XII - 2007

Harvest War at Gavilan Trading Post.

The Setup

Choose a side, Viking or Native. The strong shall stand, the weak shall fall.

XI - 2006

Harvest War at Gavilan Trading Post.

The Setup

Last year, several orbs with magical properties were found in Gavilan, near Pegasus Valley. These orbs were fought over and removed from the area by Cloud's Edge and Savage Highlands. Since that summer 2 more powerful items, an acid sheathed dagger and a flail capable of shattering boulders, have turned up with stories of even more powerful items. When word of these discoveries made it to King Anatole of Dragonspine, he made a diversion from his crusades to acquire any additional objects of power to help with his quest.

In addition to these goings on, monster attacks are on the rise and there are rumblings of strange cults popping up in the area. By order of the King, adventuring groups are being assembled to stop these threats while he is in the area and an official adventuring group charter must be obtained from one of his crusaders. Anyone discovered without a charter by a crusader may be taxed on the spot for a new charter or killed as a poacher.

The Brotherhood of the Phoenix sent out message bearers, threatening to destroy the Kingdom if King Anatole does not leave the area. King Anatole declared the Brotherhood of the Phoenix and it's one known member, Styxx Nobleheart Duke of Pegasus Valley, as traitors to the throne.

The Conclusion

A handful of magical items were discovered by adventurers and put to use to track down the Brotherhood of the Phoenix. Meanwhile, agents of the Brotherhood were making deals and handing out more items. While adventuring groups were out gathering treasure they discovered a set of keys and a newly built fortress of the Brotherhood's not too far from King Anatole's camp. Forces were gathered by the King to attack the fortress, but a strange force came over the holders of the magic items. The true source of their power was the trapped spirit of Pegasus Valley citizens long missing that had been captured and manipulated into helping the Brotherhood of the Phoenix. The would be attackers became defenders as the spirits overpowered them.

After a long battle in pouring rain, the leader of the Brotherhood was killed and the spirits released from the weapons.

X - 2005

Harvest War at Gavilan Trading Post during a moonless weekend.

The Setup

A killer is wandering the area, murdering, looting, and causing trouble. People are dying all around you, can you bring the killer to justice or will you just be another body like everyone else? Rumor says that Will O’ the Wisps have been sighted before some of the killings. Clues to the nature and identity of the killer will be made during this event, so keep your eyes and ears open. The primary goal is to kill or capture the mad slasher and present proof of your deed to Glenalth.

Four ancient orbs of power are reported to be in the area Lost long ago they convey powers to the holder that may help locate, capture, or even kill the slasher. In the wrong hands, these Orbs become very dangerous. Clues to their location can be found all around. Anyone holding an orb in a free hand will be granted the following powers. They may be used during all full class battles during the weekend. Any time you die, you must either lie down and hold the orb or leave the orb on the ground where you died. An unattended orb or an orb held by a dead or incapacitated person may be taken by anyone. Orbs may not be taken into tents or into off limits areas.

Heart Orb: The power of this orb causes all Spirit and Protection school magic or abilities used on or by the holder to be under the effect of an extension spell. Opal Orb: While the sun is shining, this orb grants the ability to cast Charm 3 times per day. At night the orb grants immunity to the Control school. Leafy Orb: While the sun is shining, this orb grants the power of Regeneration (50 count regeneration of wounds or death) and immunity to poison. At night anyone within 10’ of the orb is given total immunity to the Spirit school whether it is being held or not. Sapphire Orb: While the sun is shining, this orb grants immunity to the Subdual school. At night, holding the orb grants immunity to the school of Death and unlimited use of the spell Teleport.

The Conclusion

Long hours of runing through the woods in total darkness, the slasher was finally discovered. After the capture of several different "Mad Slashers", none of which knowing what their captors were talking about, it was discovered that the Sapphire Orb itself was the mad slasher. It was possesing one person at a time and forcing them to kill each evening.

IX - 2004

Harvest War at YMCA Camp Shaver.

Primary battle focused on a caravan battle with the point of interest being an 85lb crate.

VIII - 2003

Harvest War at Abiquiu Lake.

Iron Mountains & Dragonspine vs Texas. The battle was to be fought in 3 parts, capture the flag, strategic positions, and single life battle. The single life battle was canceled.

VII - 2002

Harvest War at Manzano Mountains State Park.

The event where we proved that Assassin traps are not over powered, or even remotely useful when used in huge quantities (around 240).

VI - 2001

Jemez Springs - Redondo Campsite

V - 2000

Harvest War at Paint Ball Action in the Manzano Mountains.

IV - 1999

Harvest War at Paliza Campground

III - 1998

Harvest War at Cedro Peak

II - 1997

Harvest War at Cedro Peak

I - 1996

The first Iron Mountains invasion of Pegasus Valley.

0 - 1995

The Iron Mountains shows up to the park and kill folks. (I need some clarification on this one as I wasn't there --Glenalth 20:45, 27 January 2009 (EST)

Adventuring Within Amtgard: An Introspective Behind Modern Harvest Wars ] by Lurker