Dragon Blade Wars

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Dragon Blade Wars

Dragon Blade Wars was started by the Shire of the Desert Rose. At the time the Kingdom of the Desert Winds didn't even exist.

The First Dragon Blade Wars was spearheaded by Matthias O'Lachon with help from Tyria and others. It started as a friendly get together for the Desert Rose to meet and solidify relations with the River's End. To this end it still fulfills this purpose and then some. Each year its popularity grew as did its attendance.

In the year 2006 Dragon Blade Wars V marked the first time this event was considered an Inter Kingdom Event. That year members from five kingdoms outside the Iron Mountains attended the once small and unheard of event. Ever since then members from all different areas have traveled to see what the Desert Rose and the Desert Winds have to offer.

The Number one boast that the Desert Rose has every year is the fact that nobody leaves their event hungry. Gate fee covers all meals and each one is a feast in and of itself. On top of their plethora of food, the hosts graciously ask all people planning on attending to forward food restrictions and allergies so every person attending can be accomodated.

The site for Dragon Blade Wars has been the Welcome RV park just outside of Wells Nevada. This pleasant little piece of land boasts lots of trees for shade and camping areas, and is completely covered with nice soft squishy grass for fighting purposes. The weather is almost always temperate the time of year that the event is held and it is verry rare to have rain. There are also real bathrooms and showers on site as well as areas for kids to play.

Dragon Blade Wars usually takes place two weeks before Labor Day Weekend and ranges from either a three or four day event. It is in every Amtgarder's best intrest to check this event out and enjoy the company of the people of the Desert Winds.