Trail's End

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A Shire of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore located in Buffalo, Missouri.

Amtgard Chapter
Trail's End
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Status Barony
City Buffalo, Missouri
Park Buffalo City Park
Meets on Saturdays 02:00 PM
Founded 2007
Active '


Created by Alona Twotrees

Still in progress!!!


A group of friends gathered together traveling the long, dusty road to their park and began discussing the distance on the long trail. They questioned each other on why they couldn’t find a park with less distance to travel. As a small collective it was decided that they must begin a new journey to find a new home. Hence began their quest! As they began their search, no one knew exactly what they were looking for, or what they would find when they finally arrived, but they all knew that the new area would be nirvana.

After being on this journey, for what seemed to some as forever! The weary small group crested a hill and looked out below. To see softly rolling hills and valleys surrounded by woods with a small bubbling stream running through the center. As a whole the group reverently set down their packs as though they were afraid to disturb the peacefulness. Quietly Lord Squire ShadowHawk Grimwulff said, “Here!!” The rest of the group responded with quiet nods and agreements. ShadowHawk Grimwulff rummaged in his pack and pulled out a small banner and hung it on a nearby tree declaring, “This is now the Shire of Trails End!” This statement was met with a surprisingly loud “HUZZAH!” This small group of nomads then began to build the wonderland that is Trails End.

The year of this grand history was 2007 in October to be exact. As this Shire was becoming a reality, more and more began to come slowly. They set up their camps and began to build. By January of 2008 the people of Trails End gathered for their first Mid-reign. One month later in February of 2008 their contract was received and this land was officially recognized as Trails End. At this point ye all must be curious as to who those brave travelers were, they are the founding member of Trails End: Lord Squire ShadowHawk Grimwulff; Lady Squire Katira Stormblade (Then ShadowKat); Medicineman; and The Old One. These four were soon joined by Aileana Grant, and their numbers continue to grow to this day.

Households & Companies

Trail's End has members in many different fighting companies and households:


Contacts & Directions


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We meet every Saturday at 2 pm at Buffalo City Park, Buffalo, Missouri.

If traveling by a friendly dragon (yes, friendly is a requirement) we are located just South of Buffalo Municipal Airport. Unfriendly dragons are not allowed to land there!

Traveling by mundane vehicle, horseback, or on foot:

From the South travel North on 65 Highway to 32 Highway, head east to 73 Highway, head North thru town square to East Ramsey Street, go East just a couple of blocks. We meet behind the city pool.

From the North travel South on 65 Highway to 73 interchange, head East then veer South on 73 Highway to East Ramsey Street, go East just a couple of blocks. We meet behind the city pool.

From the East travel 32 Highway West to 73 Highway, North thru town square to East Ramsey Street, go East a couple of blocks because…we meet behind the city pool.

From the West travel 32 Highway East to 73 Highway, North thru town square to East Ramsey Street, go East a couple blocks because…yes, we meet behind the city pool.

If you choose to use a mundane vehicle and have the invented GPS, the electric scout, use these coordinates: 37.650529, -93.090248

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