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A Barony of Tal Dagore, located in Joplin, Missouri




In the heart of Tal Dagore, a small village has arisen as a freehold for those who wish to remain unseen. Although the small trade post seems typical enough on its face, there is rumor of a long lost band of rebels who have returned to claim what was stolen from them.

Friends? I think not Direbrook a place to find friends. Nay, If you wander the lonely roads to that place, you may find your destiny dictated by your enemies - however long lost they may be.- Scythis of the Knoblands

This spouted whisper may once have held true, but now Direbrook has become a refuge for the beaten. A training ground for the weak. We may have started as a band of rebels but have grown into something stronger and even more fierce. We are a loyal group who will not back down from our enemies. However, we never fight unjustly and always are true to our word.- Naivin


People of Direbrook

Contacts and Directions

Phone: (405) 973-8984

We meet Saturdays starting at 12 p.m. and Wednesdays starting at 2 p.m. at Ewert Park in Joplin Mo. From Rangeline, turn onto 7th street then make a right onto Murphy Blvd. Park by the tennis courts and we are under shelter #2.

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