King's Crossing

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A Tal Dagore chapter located in Saint Joseph Missouri.


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Blood. It was everywhere. Foam. I mean foam, it was everywhere.

First they came for my noodle, and I did not speak out.
Because I had lots of noodle.

Then they came for the foamies, and I did not speak out.
Because I had lots of foamies.

Then they came for the packing tape, and I did not speak out.
Because that shit is cheap.

Then they came for my dap—and I bit their hands off. No one touches the dap.


Founding members:
Kylus Wulfang

The irregular regulars:

Arthera, BarrBarr Blacksheep, Bjorn, Nor Burnwill, Evandor, Tym, Oni, Gohan, Wilhon, Duck Wing, Nyelle, Moon Beam, Momdejesus, Terror, Wee Wee, Exikio, Kylus Wulfang, Fluffy Muffin, Dauntless Traveler, Baron Shadus Al'Shattersong, Dreanna, Madjack Crowley, Gabrond, Gaul... (insert your name here too!)


Monarch- Tym
Regent - Arthera
Chancellor: Kylus Wulfang
Champion: Gaul
Quest Master: Duck Wing

Guildmaster of Archers:
Guildmaster of Assassins:
Guildmaster of Barbarians:
Guildmaster of Bards:
Guildmaster of Druids:
Guildmaster of Healers:
Guildmaster of Monks:
Guildmaster of Scouts:
Guildmaster of Warriors:
Guildmaster of Wizards:
Guildmaster of Monsters:

Contacts and Directions

King's Crossing meets at 5pm Thursdays, and 1pm on Saturdays at Hyde Park in St. Joseph Missouri. Check the FB page for other event details.

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