SAM Nemoralis

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Sir/Dame SAMantha Nemoralis (fka Greystorm), of Northern Lights

aka "SAM" or "Mom"
DAMMIT SAM!!! " I just got trickfucked again"

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First Amtgard appearance July 2003 in Johnson City, Tennessee. Instrumental in guiding the group to go from a freehold to being sponsored by the Principality of Winter's Edge. Moved to Blackspire in May of Events in 2006 from Winter's Edge in the Shire of Hawk's Point. Knight at Knoblander 9 in March 2007. First female knight under Blackspire.

SAMantha took over hosting Knoblander upon Sir Wisp Nemoralis' leave from Amtgard and is a honorary member of House Nemoralis. SAMantha has taken the last name of Nemoralis, dropping "Greystorm".

Affiliated groups

Belted Family

Knight of the Flame.
Previously squired to Sir Fodder.
Current Squire: Blue Moon; Random

Notable accomplishments