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Mad Madam Countess Wicked Way of Mystic Seas, Blackspire

''But it was funny!''

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Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Wicked Way currently squired to Grand Baron Don Fodder
WaA Lady Green is under Wicked's Noble title of Countess.

Notable Accomplishments

Kingdom of Blackspire Regent March 2011-March 2012

Kingdom of Blackspire Prime Minister Sept 2013 - Dec 2014

Other Accomplishments

  • Blackspire BOD January 2011- 2015
  • Mystic Seas Pro-Tem Regent, June 2012 - September 2012
  • Tied for BOS @ BS Quals 2/12/2011
  • Won WB BOS 2011
  • Won WB DM 2011
  • Won Best Dressed Monster at Monster Costume Contest 10/9/2010. This was my first win ever in Amtgard.
  • Blackspire Event Crat Extraordinaire

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