Orc, Deep

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As though foul greenskins of the surface were not bad enough, there are bands of Orcs who, through artifice or pigheaded stupidity, ventured into the Underdark eons ago. Living near the volcanoes lining our realms, these disagreeable brutes have become stronger and fouler than their surface brethren. Fortunately, their numbers are few, for a coordinated attack from above and below would be more than most Strongholds could withstand for long.
What Lurks Below

Game Statistics

  • Silver sash
  • Pale greenish gray face paint or mask
  • Tusks
  • Crude looking clothing or armor.
Requirements None
Monster Type Humanoid
Level 4
Power Rating 3
Armor 3 (Worn)
Shields Large
Weapons All Melee, Javelins



  • None

Special Notes