Fight After Death

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Fight After Death is an ability used by:





Range Self
Incantation “Fight after death” immediately after dying
Materials None
Effects Player continues to fight for seven seconds after being killed. Players must Chant this time out loud.

As per Chanting, failure to count immediately ends the effect.

Players ignore further Wounds during Fight After Death.

Players melee weapons are Shield Crushing

Limitations or Restrictions Players may not activate Abilities or Magic during Fight After Death.

Players may not activate Fight After Death if they died while Suppressed, Stunned, Insubstantial, or Frozen.

States on the player (Such as Stopped) persist until Fight After Death has ended and are then removed as per the rules for player Death.

Players may not achieve game objectives nor carry game items while affected by Fight After Death, though they may still kill other players even if that player is a game objective.

Notes Reeves are encouraged to remove this ability from those who use it in an unsafe manner.

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