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House Margarita Chicks

A defunct Household

"You girls are out of control."-Randall

"Sexual Harrasment will no longer be tolerated. It will, however, be graded." House Margarita Chicks (Motto created by Ella)

"Bangor feel sorry for you Forest, even a Barbarian knows better than to fight the HMC single-handed. Bangor knows you are used to single-handed, but don't be a fool!" -Bangor

Uncle Willie wrote on esam:

Ristil, as some of you may know, is a proud member of House Margarita Chicks. What a great concept that is. Let's get all the Amtgard attention whores together in one spot, and teach them to be actual whores. You have to admire teamwork like that, it's so much better than each of them running around screaming "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!" at the top of their lungs like they usually do. - William

What were we about

House Margarita Chicks is an Amtgard household of women founded with the sole purpose of objectifying Amtgard men. (A simple statment of purpose leads to a high degree of success...)
If you see a belt favor with a margarita glass, suck it in and strike your best pose guys. We will be passing the info back to our other chicks.


The house was started because of this thread on E-Sam.
The original 9 members, "The Fellowship", are: Mirim, Casca, Talisin, Ella, Sraw, Jinx, Ristil, Aphaydren, and Ticklepaws. (Invitations to SweetHope and Alona were not answered till a few weeks later...) The house made it's event debut at Rakis 2007 where many of the members did some serious objectification, including the ass-grab-a-thon on Saturday night. Scytale was the hands down (no pun intended) winner of that contest, making him the first to be officially voted on and receive a belt favor from the group. It was disbanded at somepoint by an inactive Mirim and a bored Casca.


Belt favors with margarita glasses. Each member has a fruit on the rim, not necessarily exclusive to others. Initiates to HMC are called "Virgin Margaritas" until they attend one "major" event and spend time with a full Margarita Chick to get a feel for our rules of engagement. They receive their belt favor after this initiation.


Margarita Chicks

Virgin Margaritas

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