Aphaydren Stormchaser

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Baroness Sir Aphaydren Moonsdotter of Mystic Seas, Blackspire

"Haters be hatin'...I went to school bitches. What have you done?"

Aphaydren Stormchaser
Home Park Mystic Seas
Kingdom Black Spire
Year Started 2003
Noble Title Baroness
Belt Status Flame


Aphaydren started playing in November of 2004. Started out as a non-combatant fearing the foam. There is a time between 2004 and 2005 that she was known for being nothing but a complaining loud mouth that really had nothing constructive for the land. But by the middle of 2006 she decided that her complaining and general nastiness was getting her and her land no where. That is when she decided to start to help the community know that there was more to those freaks playing at the park. Fundraisers were orchestrated for the community. She starting stepping up to help with feasts, starting running feasts, running demo's and became as helpful as possible.

During this time she was pledged to Karma fighting company. The members took her under their wing and taught her not to fear the foam or the boys on the field. She started fighting and even though to this day she is not the greatest fighter she gets out there and plays her hardest with all the guys.

During her time in Amtgard she has been a member of Shrouding Mist, Greenwood Keep, Angel's Haven, and Shrouding Mist. She has since moved Kingdoms and now resides in Mystic Seas in Black Spire.

Aphaydren is known to usually have a garbage bag in her belt pocket ready to clean up after any event-weekly or major.

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Notable Accomplishments


  • Sir - Knight of the Flame - Bestowed at PacWar 13 - August 27th, 2011 by King Sir Silverlock


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