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Viscountess Dame Lily Sumac, of Kestrel Keep

”Lily Sumac is hot.” --Moogie

"Lily the Squirrel!"



Dame Lily Sumac is the first Serpent Knight and the first female knight of the kingdom of Neverwinter. As well as being a top Arts and Sciences geek in Neverwinter, Lily was granted the title of Neverwinter's Premiere Stickjock by Brennon for placing third in the SKBC II tourney.

Lily has served three terms as kingdom Regent, as well as numerous terms as her local duchy's monarch, regent, Chancellor, and Champion. She has been Neverwinter's Cultural Champion three times, was the closest to Grand Olympian in 2004, and has won a host of lesser competitions.

Affiliated Groups

Evil French, Green Dragons, and Lionesse

Belted Family

During a turning point in her mundane life, Lily had to take a break from Amtgard. At that time she expunged her belted line due to the fact that she didn't want the members of her belted family to be stuck with belts from an inactive knight. A few years later Lily officially returned to Amtgard and restructured her belted line on April 2nd, 2011.

Notable Accomplishments

  • First Serpent Knight of Neverwinter, bestowed by King Kardore in 2003
  • Closest to Grand Olympian at Olympiad in 2004. She was the runner up for Cultural Olympian and participated in the war events though she did not place. (the cultural olympian did not fight and the co-war colympians did not enter the culture events).

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