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Jarl Sir Toda Bjornson,

”An indicative quote”



Amtgarder originally from Silverwater, from Darkwater East. His original Amtgard name was Damon Sanguinious, he is also sometimes known as Haricourt Verts, his Evil French name. Other wise you can just call him "old man".

Affiliated Groups

Founding member of the Evil French

Belted Family

  • Olok was his Squire but since he went to prison for Kidnapping and extortion that relationship has been terminated.

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Flame in 2002 by Bjorn Rex at Camp Good News (Hawthorne Florida)

Founding member of Kingdom of Neverwinter

First Prime Minister of Neverwinter

Served 5 terms as Neverwinter P.M.

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More Information

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  • Personal Website
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  • Toda is violently allergic to Pineapples.