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Garret Thornwood
Home Park Northen Holdfast
Kingdom Iron Mountains
Year Started 2012
Noble Title Baron
Belt Status

Baron Garret Thornwood, Duchy of [[Northern Holdfast] of the Iron Mountain


Garret joined Harbour of Rhye May 2012. Garret Joined Northern Holdfast July 2021.

Affiliated Groups

Garrison of Dragon Hill

Order of St. Cuthbert

United Reeves Guild

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Baronet Given by King Marcus Argusson, OCT 2013 Paragon Archer Given By Queen Shiva, Mar 2014. Baron Given By King NimRuin, Apr 2017

Offices Held

Sheriff of CG-Harbour of Rhye, June 2013 - December 2013

GM Warriors CG-HoR, April 2013 - June 2013

GM Archers CG- HOR, June 2013 - December 2014

Sheriff of CG-Harbour of Rhye, January 2013 - June 2013

Champion Crystal Groves December 2013 - April 2014

Monarch Crystal Groves April 2014 -October 2014

Duke of Harbour of Rhye , Jul 2015 - Dec 2015.

Duke of Harbour of RHye, Dec 2015 -Jul 2016.

Regent of Iron Mountains, Dec 2021 -

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