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Baroness Kendra Silverstar, of Soul's Crossing, Emerald Hills


Kendra Silverstar was first introduced to Amtgard during her college years in Washington state. She attended a campus group called the Shire of Talon's Heights, which is now defunct.

Kendra enjoyed Amtgard in her college years, but it was a small group of poor college kids, so they didn't worry much about anything other than beating each other with foam swords.

After college, life happened for Kendra and she was away from Amtgard for about seven years.

In 2012, Kendra had by then moved to Memphis, Tennessee and started going to the (then) Barony of Soul's Crossing. In the past few years that park has grown into a Principality and Kendra Silverstar has grown as a player. She now participates actively in the Arts & Sciences and is continually striving to become a better fighter on the field.

Affiliated Groups

She is currently a retired member of the Justicar Fighting Company and a Page to Count Squire Granite Jeweleater.

Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

Regent of Soul's Crossing, January 2014-July 2014 Baroness, given by Deydron Du Harth in July 2014

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