Phoenix Silverclaw

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The most Angry Druid in all of Desert Winds!


"Someone fuzzier than I . . . NOT POSSIBLE!!!" -Nidalap

"He passed out on the floor once and I thought he was a bearskin rug. I laid naked on him for at least an hour" -Great Runestone Lillywinks

"This picture makes this guy look like a stunt man in gay porn films" -Phoenix Silverclaw

Marshal File #ED46835

Little is known of the mysterious druid. Many rumors and speculations is that he was cursed to live forever as a bear, hence all the fur. Quite possibly he is a mutated direbear, direbadger, or diresquirrel. Possible connections to house Tragenoire, though connections are not as strong as they used to be. Also associated with the Dragonblade mercenaries, possibly as a mascot of some type, Further investigation pending. Also suffers from delusions of grandeur. Proficient with polearms, but not a comb.

Report submitted by (marshals name withheld)