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  1. Shattered Lands Alexandra, Virginia
  2. Cairn Garneth Deer Park, Texas
  3. Felfrost Ottawa, Canada
  4. Serpent's Gate Clear Lake, Florida
  5. Forgotten Wood Brooksville, Florida
  6. Enchanted Falls Twin Falls, Idaho
  7. Land of the Phoenix St. Petersburg, Florida
  8. Tetsu Bonsai Tampa, Florida
  9. Woodhaven Keep Rochester Hills, Michigan
  10. Panther's Claw Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
  11. Candlekeep Senatobia, Mississippi
  12. Sovereigns Accord Mtn. Home, Arkansas
  13. Sovereign's Solace Hernando, Mississippi
  14. Expendia Haslett, Michigan
  15. Lemuria Wheeling, West Virginia
  16. Stilled Waters Stillwater, Oklahoma
  17. Soaring Phoenix Tampa, Florida
  18. Valley of Pan's Hollow Girard, Ohio
  19. Clan of Five Points Vaughnsville, Ohio
  20. Mithril Forest Menomonie, Wisconsin
  21. Kestral Keep Gainesville, Florida
  22. Arcadia Iron River, Wyoming
  23. Quadrivium Salina, Kansas
  24. Darkwolf Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
  25. Blood Haven Giddings, Texas
  26. Azure Coast Titusville, Florida.
  27. Harrowing Citadel Elkhart, Indiana
  28. Rolling Hills of Baal House Springs Missouri
  29. Green Water Valley Nitro West Virginia
  30. Pekannott Rois Pleasanton, Texas
  31. Dragon's Hollow Clarksville, Tennessee
  32. Hawk's Nest Oxford, Ohio
  33. Falcon's Nest Elkhart, Indiana
  34. Deadwood Greenwood, Indiana
  35. West Hammer Modesto, California
  36. Glacier Keep Anchorage, Alaska
  37. Loa's Landing Glenwood, Maryland
  38. Autumn Grove LaFontaine, Indiana
  39. Broken Bridge Stevenville, Texas (reformed)
  40. Emerald Waters Bremen, Indiana
  41. Harbour of Rhye Yorktown, Virginia
  42. Red Dawn Tampa, Florida
  43. Valley of the Fire Dragons
  44. Darkmire Ft. Worth, Texas
  45. Griffon's Lake Jacksonville, Arkansas (reformed)
  46. Red Storm Tulsa, Oklahoma
  47. New Ireland Waco, Texas
  48. Hidden Path (Unknown Location)
  49. Voxen Knoll Oscoda, Michigan
  50. Lunar Dragons (Unknown Location)
  51. Twilight Moon Fort Myers, Florida
  52. Blue Falcon Bay (Unknown Location)
  53. Falling Waters Somewhere, South Dakota

An chapter of unknown name has also formed in Terreal, Texas.



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