Shadow Mufhstoughir

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Sir Shadow Mufhstoughir, of the Wetlands.

”No shit, Sir Shadow once jump started my truck with nothing but a set of bobby pins clipped to his nipples. It ran for a solid month, even after it ran out of gas and then exploded. The fan continued to spin until it melted in to a pool of smagma. The only part of the vehicle I still own is the spare tire and when I use it, if you roll the window down you can hear the name Shadooooww being made with the road noise like a lost lover.” -Sparhawk



Sir Shadow has been travelling a lot lately popping up all over the country at unsuspecting parks. Beware what you say, he may find you this weekend.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Uses Polearms a lot!

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More Information

Shadow is almost always smiling. This is because he is thinking of the 69 *giggity* ways he can kill you using only his left thumb.

Suck Less, Win More.